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Vídeos da entrevista de Steve Jobs e Bill Gates juntos, em 7 partes

Para quem estava procurando os vídeos da já histórica entrevista que mais uma vez reuniu Steve Jobs e Bill Gates, durante esta conferência D5, o site oficial do evento, o All Things Digital, publicou-os divididos em sete partes:


Steve Jobs e Bill Gates na D5

Alguns destaques:

  • “In a certain sense we build the products we want to use ourselves. [Steve Jobs’] really pursued that with an incredible taste and elegance and had a huge impact on the industry. Apple literally was failing when Steve went back and reinfused innovation and risk-taking that have been phenomenal. So the industry has benefitted immensely from his work. I’d say he’s contributed as much as anyone,” disse Gates.
  • “Kara: Are you competitors? I have to admit, I really like PC guy. Steve: The art of those commercials isn’t to be mean, it’s for those guys to like each other. PC guy is great. PC guy is what makes it work!”
  • O objetivo da Apple é bem mais modesto do que a dominação mundial, de acordo com Jobs. “We don’t think we’re going to have 80 percent of the market,” disse ele, desapontando, sem dúvida alguma, muitos admiradores da plataforma Mac. “We’re happy when our market share goes up a point.”
  • “Walt wants them to estimate the core functions of the cellphone-like user device in five years. Gates believes ultimately you won’t ever want to edit things on your small device… talking about flexible and rollable displays. Steve: the art of devices is the editing function, what’s on it and what’s not on it. But it will primarily be a communications device.”
  • “Walt: .Mac… you guys didn’t really develop it. Steve: I couldn’t agree more, and we’ll make up for lost time in the near future.”

Não percam, apesar de que, somados, os vídeos possuam aproximadamente uma hora e meia de duração, vale muito a pena assistir.

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