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Momento Humor: Parallels cria vídeo hilário misturando a rivalidade dos Steves Jobs e Ballmer com “Avatar”

Quase dois meses depois da hilária paródia de “Beat It”, os Pantless Knights estão de volta com mais um vídeo do tipo — desta vez contratado pela Parallels, desenvolvedora do famoso virtualizador de sistemas operacionais para Mac OS X.


O tema? A rivalidade de Steve Jobs (Apple) com Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), em estilo “Avatar”. Conheça o Mech-Steve e Navi-Steve:

YouTube video

A paródia é baseada em “Not Afraid”, do rapper Eminem. Eis a letra completa:


You can try ‘n’ turn your PC on to do work or somethin’ important.
But you can’t do a thing before you’re stuck pop-up abortin’.
Cause there are forty icons that my start-up tray is sportin’
An assortment of spyware I never use,
I’m trapped in a fort of U.A.C., I wanna be free,
But all my games and apps don’t run on Macs, and I’m still lovin’ XP.
I’m a PC and I’m proud to be, a router and a cloud to me,
But Scobleizer’s doubtin’ me, where’d he be without Bill G?
No if ands or buts, it’s time I start to think out loud for me
There’s infinite viruses ‘n’ trojan horse glitches, i’m force quittin
Whether I’m in the Registries, or McAffee
Until it runs happily, or takes a crap and becomes scrap to me.
Whichever comes first for better or worse,
I’m seekin a change like a MacBook for Christmas
There’s always a first, A techie guy with the urge
To mate his PC with a Mac and make the two systems merge.

I’m not ashamed, of my PC.
But Macintosh is, oh-so sexy.
I’ll just peek through this Window, to explore
I feel like Jake I’m, on Pandora
Just let you know that I’m not afraid
To holla Mac with Parallels is the best of both worlds

It was my decision to try this, it feels like a drug
Psychedelically can’t tell if it’s an OSX bug, it’s coo’
Cuz I can look like a giant pug, from the blue man group
And teleport across 4 spaces, or 3 or 2.
Call me a believer, but thinkin’ these features might incite a seizure
I think I got a Spotlight on me, I feel like a Bieber
O.K, haters can make like some apps that are overeager, and bounce
No more screen freezes, no more drama from now on, I promise
to focus soley on handling my new Macintosh like it’s my daughter.
So, I solemnly swear to always treat this key like a dongle
eject it. Don’t act like a noob and just yank it!
Cause the way I feel, I’m strong enough to write an app,
For Google maps, while I’m free-ballin’ with no slacks,
Cause I’m cracking the code. I’m tryin’ to stay cool,
But I’m too busy ’bout to explode, like unobtainium and

É, o mundo tá cheio de gente doida. 😛

[via Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

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